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9. Changelog

9.1 2023 October release (23.10)

  • Replace “Overview”, which included general concepts, with “Context”, which defines the specific scope of the Gaia-X Architecture
  • Update and generalization of the “Conceptual Model”
  • Generic description of “Policy Management”
  • Mapping of Gaia-X Architecture to the CASCO model
  • Updates based on changes in the Data Exchange Services and Identity, Credential and Access Management Document
  • Introduction of the “Party-Credential” as extension of Identity and Service Offering credentials with Membership and Service credentials
  • Contains the technical implementation details for the Trust Framework (from the 22.10 Trust Framework document)
  • Annex includes a section on “Gaia-X Digital Clearing House”
  • Chapter “Gaia-X Trust Framework components” including “Gaia-X Compliance”, “Gaia-X Registry”, and “Gaia-X Notary - LRN”
  • Inclusion of the “Publication/Subscription service” (ref. Federated Catalogues) and “Trust Indexes” sections in the new chapter “Enabling and Federation Services”

9.2 2022 October release (22.10)

  • Update the chapter on Service Composition
  • Add a section on Data Mesh

9.3 2022 September release (22.09)

  • Move Self-Description technical specs to the next Identity, Credential and Access Management document
  • Update Self-Description lifecycle status
  • Introduction of Interconnection Point Identifiers
  • Introduction of new language terms for Data Exchange
  • Update of the Gaia-X schemas and diagrams aligned with the Gaia-X Framework

9.4 2022 April release (22.04)

  • Link to Trust Framework document (where the Self-Description mandatory attributes now are)
  • Aligning Gaia-X architecture with NIST Cloud Federation Reference Architecture (CFRA)
  • Updated definition of Data Exchange Services
  • Updated Service Composition and Resource model
  • Updated Self-Description Lifecycle
  • Consistency and alignment with other officially published Gaia-X documents, streamlining and de-duplication of text to ease reading

9.5 2021 December release (21.12)

  • Adding Contract and Computable Contract definitions in the Conceptual Model
  • Update on the Self-Description lifecycle management
  • Update on the Federated Trust Model

9.6 2021 September release (21.09)

  • Rewrite the Operating model chapter introducing Trust Anchors, Gaia-X Compliance, Gaia-X Labels and Gaia-X Registry.
  • Update of Self-Description mandatory attributes in the Appendix.
  • Update of Interconnection, Resource and Resource template definitions.
  • Gitlab automation improvement and speed-up
  • Source available in the 21.09 branch.

9.7 2021 June release (21.06)

  • Adding a new Operating model section introducing the first principle for Gaia-X governance.
  • Adding preview of Self-Description mandatory attributes in the Appendix.
  • Improvement of the Policy rules.
  • Improvement of the Asset and Resource definitions.
  • Complete release automation from Gitlab.
  • Source available under the 21.06 tag.

9.8 2021 March release (21.03)

  • First release of the Architecture document by the Gaia-X Association AISBL
  • Complete rework of the Gaia-X Conceptual Model with new entities’ definition.
  • Adding a Glossary section.
  • Source available under the 21.03-markdown tag.

9.9 2020 June release (20.06)

  • First release of the Technical Architecture document by the BMWi