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5. Gaia X Trust Anchors

Gaia-X Trust Anchors are bodies, parties, i.e., Conformity Assessment Bodies or technical means accredited by the bodies of the Gaia-X Association to be trustworthy anchors in the cryptographic chain of keypairs used to digitally sign statements or claims about an object.

For each accredited Trust Anchor, a specific scope of attestation is defined.

The list of valid Trust Anchors and rules are available via the Gaia-X Registry.

There are cases where the Trust Anchor is relative to another property in a claim.

For an explanation of the role of Trust Anchors within the Gaia-X Conceptual Model, see the Gaia-X Architecture Document.

Name Defined as
Gaia-X Registry Accredited source for the list of Trust Service Providers (TSP), which must be state validated identity issuers or EV SSL issuers.
- For participant, if the legalAddress.countryCode is in EEA, valid state identity issuers are eiDAS ones.
- Gaia-X Association may also be a valid TSP for Gaia-X Association members.
eiDAS Issuers of Qualified Certificate for Electronic Signature as defined in eIDAS Regulation (EU) No 910/2014
EV SSL Extended Validation (EV) Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate issuers are considered to be temporarily valid Trust Service Providers.
registrationNumberIssuer During the pilot phase, the Gaia-X Association nominated itself as a valid Trust Anchor under

5.1 List of Trusted Data Sources

5.1.1 For registrationNumberIssuer’s Trust Anchors

For a given attribute, the Trust Anchor shall use the following Trusted Data Source:

  • EORI: the European Commission API.
  • leiCode: the Global Legal Entity Identifier (GLEIF) API
  • local: the OpenCorporate API
    • the returned claim will also contain information about headquarterAddress.countryCode
  • vatID: for the European member states or North Ireland, the VAT Information Exchange System (VIES) API
    • the returned claim will also contain information about headquarterAddress.countryCode