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6. Participant - Mandatory attributes

This section includes the mandatory attributes to be provided in the Gaia-X Credential to describe the Participants in the Gaia-X Ecosystem.

6.1 Issuer

Each issuer shall issue a GaiaXTermsAndCondition verifiable credential as follows:

Attribute Cardinality Trust Anchor Comment
termsAndConditions 1 issuer SHA512 of the Generic Terms and Conditions for Gaia-X Ecosystem as defined below

For legal person the attributes are:

Attribute Cardinality Trust Anchor Comment
registrationNumber 1 registrationNumberIssuer Country’s registration number, which identifies one specific entity.
headquartersAddress.countryCode 1 Gaia-X Registry Physical location of the headquarters in ISO 3166-2 alpha2, alpha-3 or numeric format.
legalAddress.countryCode 1 Gaia-X Registry Physical location of legal registration in ISO 3166-2 alpha2, alpha-3 or numeric format.

6.3 registrationNumber

The list of valid entity registrationNumber type is described below:

Attribute Comment
local the state issued company number
EUID the European Unique Identifier (EUID) for business located in the European Economic Area, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway and registered in the Business Registers Interconnection System (BRIS). This number can be found via the EU Business registers portal
EORI the Economic Operators Registration and Identification number (EORI).
vatID the VAT identification number.
leiCode Unique LEI number as defined by

Consistency rules

  • if several numbers are provided, the information provided by each number must be consistent.

6.4 Gaia-X Ecosystem Terms and Conditions

The Participant signing Gaia-X Credentials agrees as follows:

  • to update its Gaia-X Credentials about any changes, be it technical, organizational, or legal - especially but not limited to contractual in regard to the indicated attributes present in the Gaia-X Credentials.

The keypair used to sign Gaia-X Credentials will be revoked where the Gaia-X European Association for Data and Cloud AISBL becomes aware of any inaccurate statements in regards to the claims which result in a non-compliance with the Policy Rules Conformity Document (PRCD).