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8. Changelog

8.1 2022 October (22.10)

  • add generic attribute on serviceOffering for Gaia-X Label criteria.
  • update the Terms & Conditions and create a dedicated verifiable credential for it.
  • add criteria for Catalogue service synchronisation.
  • improved criteria for DataExchangeComponent service negotiation.
  • add criteria for DataResource containing PII.
  • update InstantiatedVirtualService.hostedOn criteria to include network location.
  • replace the rules of the Gaia-X Compliance service validating the registrationNumber against 3rd party APIs by a registrationNumberIssuer Trust Anchor.
  • nominate the Gaia-X Association as valid registrationNumberIssuer (pilot phase only)
  • add text to describe how to extends Gaia-X Compliance for domain specific needs
  • add reference to the online Gaia-X Compliance APIs
  • add diagram mapping the Gaia-X entities of Trust Anchors/Trusted Data Sources/Gaia-X Registry and Issuer/Holder/Verified/Verifiable Data Registry
  • add text to validate interaction with a Natural Person (experimental)
  • add text introducing Interoperability, Portability, Switchability and Intellectual Property Protection (experimental)
  • replace Example chapter by smaller inline example snippets
  • content refactoring to reduce the number of chapters.
  • update document license to CC BY-4.0-NC-ND

8.2 2022 June release-candidate (22.06-rc)

General update

  • replaced ISO 3166-1 country code by ISO 3166-2 identifying the principal subdivisions (e.g., provinces or states) inside a country.
  • adopted a global versioning system for both the document and the attributes: YY.MM[.PATCH]. (Removed version per attribute)

About LegalParticipant

  • refactored the mandatory registrationNumber attribute for LegalParticipant:
  • included several possible formats: local, EUID, EORI, vatID, leiCode.
  • added registrationNumber validation constraints using 3rd party external Trusted Data Sources.
  • added mandatory signature of mandatory Gaia-X Terms & Conditions.

About ServiceOffering

  • added optional dataProtectionRegime[] attribute for a generic approach across various existing data protection regimes. The list will be completed over time.
  • added mandatory dataExport[] attribute for information on the process to request and export personal and non-personal data out of Service Offering.

About Instantiated Virtual Resource

  • renamed endpoint by the generic network layer agnostic term serviceAccessPoint

8.3 2022 April release (22.04)

  • First release of the Trust Framework document.
  • contains basic Participant, ServiceOffering and Resource modeling.